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 Cheer Prep

Ages 5 - 18 Years

Cheer Prep 

(Ages 5 - 7yrs)

This class is designed for our First-Time students ages 5-7 interested in cheer!

Students will learn and progress the basics and fundamentals of cheer leading. Our curriculum involves development in tumbling, motions, stunting, jumps, and dance! Skills your child will work towards include:

Tumbling: Back roll, forward roll, cartwheels, round-off, back walkovers, front walkovers, handstand, and bridges.

Motions: Right and left punches, high V, low V, basic memorized dances.

Stunting: Thigh stand, elevator prep- 2 feet, pencil dismount, cradle, moving-turn, shoulder sit

Jumps: Toe touch, pike, front

60 minute lesson, meeting once a week. 

$69/monthly tuition

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Cheer Prep 

(Ages 8-18 years) 

This is our recreational school-age, and competitive preparation class. Students will develop and progress a strong foundation of tumbling, motions, stunting, and jumps.


Your child will work towards the following skills:

Tumbling: Forward Roll, Back Roll, Cartwheel, round-off, front walkovers, back walkovers, handstands, bridges, and beginning back handsprings.

Motions: Right and left punches, high V, low V, daggers, basic and intermediate memorized dances.

Stunting: Elevator Prep, Step-In, cradle, arabesque, scorpion, scale, heel stretch, basket toss.

Jumps: Toe touch, pike, front, combinations of these jumps.

1 hour lesson, meeting once a week. 

$69/monthly tuition

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