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What is Ninja?

Ninja training is defined as obstacle courses that challenge and improve strength, endurance, coordination, agility, and balance of children and adults. 

Flight Deck Gymnastics offers our progressive NINJA program utilizing the development of ninja specific skills including: vaulting (jumping over inanimate objects), precision jumping and rolling, tumbling techniques, and bar movements. The skills students learn are then placed together in an obstacle course to challenge students.

Coach Eli
Ninja Manager

Bio coming soon!


NINJA White​​ - Beginner

White PK - Ages 4 & 5

White I - Ages 5 & 7

White II - Ages 8 - 14

These classes are designed for our First-Time Ninjas! As listed above, our beginner ninja is broken in to multiple age groupings for the best class experience.

Students will learn and progress the basics and fundamentals of NINJA. This includes rolls, cartwheels, backbends, and precision jumps in tumbling. Spins on trampoline, gargoyle hang and window escapes on bars, as well as safety vaults and vertical wall runs! Students will then put the skills they have learned together through the test of obstacle courses.

1 hour lesson, Once a week 

$74/monthly tuition


NINJA Blue​​ - Intermediate

(Ages 5-14 years)


The following skills are required prior to enrolling in the Ninja Blue Intermediate class.

Tumbling: Forward Roll, Back Roll, Cartwheel, Back bend, Precision Jump

Bars: Gargoyle Hang, Window Escape, Re-grip Swings

Vault/Wall: Safety Vault, Vertical Wall Run

Trampoline: Seat Drop, 180 Spin, 360 Spin

Students in our Ninja Blue Intermediate class will build off their NINJA White Beginner skills working on the following skills in tumbling: flying ninja, round-off, and spotted back handsprings. On Bars: 180 Re-grip swings, and pullovers. On Trampoline: Back drop, and front flips. On Vault/Wall: Thief Vault, Kong Vault.

1 hour lesson, Once a week. 

$74/monthly tuition


NINJA Red​​ - Advanced

(Ages 5-14 years)


The following skills are required prior to students joining our Ninja Red Advanced class.

Tumbling: Flying Ninja, Round-off, Back Handsprings (spotted)

Bars: 180 re-grip swings, Pull-over

Vault/Wall: Thief Vault, Kong Vault

Trampoline: Back drop, front flip

In our Ninja Red Advanced class students will progress off their Ninja foundation of skills learned in our Ninja White and Blue classes. Skills Ninja Red students will learn will increase in difficulty, strength, agility, and endurance.

1 hour lesson, Once a week. 

$74/monthly tuition

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