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Private Lessons
(4- 18 years of age)

Perfect for the child looking to achieve  that “Almost Got It” skill, or as a supplementary aid to a class, to help advance to the next level with one-on-one instruction!

NOTE: We strongly recommend using private lessons as supplementary aids to our classes! Privates are most effectively used when focusing on a small group of skills, where as classes are used to keep consistency & form development of basics, as well as necessary strength training. Each student must be at the same skill level (unless otherwise discussed with a customer service representative)​​

  • Private Lesson (one teacher, one student)  $30

  • Semi-Private Lesson (one teacher, two students) $22 per child 


Bundle 4 & Save Private Lessons 

When you book 4 lessons at the time of scheduling

  • Four Private Lessons - $115 ( YOU SAVE $5 )

  • Four Semi-Private Lessons - $83 per child ( YOU SAVE $5 )​​

A 24-hour notice is required to cancel a private lesson, or an account credit / refund may not be eligible. 
NOTE: Please contact us via email or call: 614-379-3589 to check on CURRENT private lesson availability! Thank YOU!

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