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Winter 2020 Hours:

Monday : 9:00 am - 8:30pm

Tuesday-Friday : 4:00pm - 8:30pm

Saturday: 9:00am - 2:00pm

Sunday: By Appointment

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School-Age Gymnastics

Kindergarten - 18 years of age

Gymnastics is a confidence-building sport that improves strength, flexibility, agility, and coordination. Your child will participate on bars, beam, tumbling, tumbling trampoline, and vault.
Gymnastics is an excellent activity as a preparation for all other sports.


( K - 7 yrs)

Beginner Gymnastics


( 8 -18 yrs)

Beginner Gymnastics



Kindergarten -18 years of age

Your student will learn rolls, cartwheels, splits, round-offs on floor. Mounts, dismounts, and casting on the uneven bars. They will learn walks, mounts, and dismounts on beam along with turns and jumps on the trampoline.

1 hour lesson, 1 time a week, $64/monthly tuition



Intermediate Gymnastics


Kindergarten - 18 years of age

Bars:  Pull-over.  

Beam: know their various walks, cartwheel on the low beam, and a ¾ handstand on the floor beam. Tumbling: one-handed cartwheel, bridge kick over on the floor, round-off, backward roll and handstand front roll. 

1 hour lesson, 1 lesson per week, $64/monthly tuition


Advanced Gymnastics


Kindgergarten - 18 years of age

Bars: Pullover, back hip circle.

Beam¾ handstand on the high beam 

Tumbling Trampoline: back handspring, working on round-off back handsprings, and front handspring.  Tumbling: backhandspring, back extension roll, back walkover, handstand forward roll, and front handspring.

1 hour lesson, 1 time a week, $64/monthly tuition