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School-Age Gymnastics

Gymnastics is a confidence-building sport that improves strength, flexibility, agility, and coordination. Your child will participate on bars, beam, floor (tumbling), tumbling trampoline, and vault. Gymnastics is an excellent activity as a preparation for all other sports.

Evaluation required for Intermediate & Advance classes

5 - 14 years of age


Caroline McGraw

School-Age Manager / Coach

"Hi! I'm Caroline and I was born and raised in Fort Wayne, Indiana. I have had several experiences working with children which include: a Gymnastics Instructor, a Swim Coach, Religious Education Teacher, Boys & Girls Club Instructor and a Special Education Assistant through the school I previously worked for. I am so excited to bring a positive attitude, organizational skills, and previous gymnastics experience to Flight Deck!"

Gymnast on a Wooden Bar

Beginner Gymnastics

Hawks: Ages 5-6 years

Robins: Ages 6-7 years

Cardinals: Ages 8-18 years

This class is designed for our First-Time gymnasts. Students will learn and progress the basics and fundamentals of gymnastics. This includes rolls, cartwheels, splits, round-offs on floor. Mounts, dismounts, and casting on the uneven bars. They will learn walks, mounts, and dismounts on beam along with turns and jumps on the trampoline.

1 hour lesson, meeting once a week. 

$74/monthly tuition

Chalking Hands

Intermediate Gymnastics

(Ages 5-18 yrs)


BARS:  Pull-over.  

BEAM: know their various walks, cartwheel on the low beam, and a ¾ handstand on the floor beam.

FLOOR: one-handed cartwheel, bridge kick over on the floor, round-off, front walkover, back walkover, backward roll and handstand front roll. 

This is the next step after our beginner gymnastics classes. Students have now perfected the basics, and are ready to expand their current skills and be challenged at the next level!

1 hour lesson, meeting once a week

$74/monthly tuition

Balancing Beam


Bars: Pullover, back hip circle.

Beam:  ¾ handstand on the high beam 

Tumbling Trampoline: back handspring, working on round-off back handsprings, and front handspring.  Tumbling: back handspring, back extension roll, back walkover, handstand forward roll, and front handspring.

This is the last class in our gymnastics program. The Owls is designed for our ambitious and seasoned gymnasts, who are ready to test their skills in new challenging and creative ways. 

1 hour lesson, meeting once a week

$74/monthly tuition

Advanced Gymnastics

(Ages 5-18 yrs)

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